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The Core Mission or Core Purpose Statement of After Dark FilmWorks is to be a beacon for social change. Our animated cartoons dealt with issues like Bullying, Teen Suicide, Peer Pressure. We then moved on to other social issues including “THE CANCER MONOLOGUES”  and our Award winning Sandra Bland inspired story “PLEASE REMEMBER ME” Our very first film the International Award Winner “NO MORE! (VIOLENCE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD)” dealt with the disease of violence that plagues our neighborhoods and solutions a group of citizens used to eradicate it and clean their own  without the help of police escalations. All of the above project was produced by, 100% funded by and then donated by After Dark FilmWorks.

“PURPLE HEARTS” is a film about a young woman who discovers she has Lupus and get support from family, friends and The Lupus Warrior

Our goal now is to create an awareness to the debilitating disease Lupus. We hope this effort will stimulate research and the eventual cure.

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