We are After Dark FilmWorks.

We are the company that dares to imagine what can't be imagined.

Our function is to push all boundaries till they no longer exist. We thrive off of proving " can be done"

“It Can Be Done”Kenneth Vanwright CEO After Dark FilmWorks

Who we are.

AFTER DARK FILMWORKS LLC is a team of dedicated professional Award Winning Film Directors, Script Developers, Set Designers, Special Effects Technicians and Social Media Guru's

We live and breathe the entertainment industry. On staff we have fulltime Filmmakers, Digital film Editors, Lighting Technicians, Audio Engineers, Hair and Make-up Artists and Score Director Musicians

We are your One Stop Go To Hub for all your needs.


AFTER DARK FILMWORKS understands designing often necessitates considering the aesthetic, functional, economic, and sociopolitical dimensions of both the designed object and designing process. In every project we do we incorporate as a tool considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and and when necessary re-design. The end result being your perfect product.


Strategy by definition is always important because more often than not the resources available to achieve certain goals are usually limited. We at AFTER DARK FILMWORKS do not believe you should ever re-set your goals We strategize by determining actions needed to achieve the goals, then through strategic planning and strategic thinking we set into motion the mobilization of resources to execute the actions


When in Rome… I’m quite sure you know the rest, well we are living in a digital era a time when new ideas are disrupting and replacing tried and true business models.

AFTER DARK FILMWORKS prides itself on being part of that cutting edge. Those special video shots that at one time took months of planning, huge budgets, travel, set designs and of course mother nature’s approval are now available at a fraction of the time and budget. Here at AFTER DARK FILMWORKS we offer 100% digital filming, digital editing, digital sound and of course special fx. We are truly your one stop hub for all your needs.


A company could have the best product or service on the planet, but it won't mean anything without qualified, targeted customers. While we cannot promise you that next Academy Award our marketing consultants can point you towards that road of success. Through our ever growing business contacts and the fact that you’re in procession of a quality product you will have all the confidence in the world your product will be seen in its best light .

How we Flow.

After Dark FilmWorks is a full-service, independent production company focused on creating digital media of the highest quality. After Dark FilmWorks is embodies a committed group of artist who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to film and other visual media. We work together to tell stories of significance, to create unforgettable moments that inspire, encourage, comfort, expose, challenge--and to bear witness to the beauty of the imagination. We aspire to produce films that not only entertain, but to provoke thought, emotion and reflection and to incite action. Our end game is to invoke positive long-lasting effects on all we touch

What we Do

  • Pre-Production:                      To prepare your project for production, After Dark FilmWorks can provide location scouting, storyboarding, casting, budget, crew recruit – ment and production design.

  • Production:                              After Dark FilmWorks offers cinematography, lighting design, sound recording, and grip services to create your story for the screen.
  • Post-Production:                  After the production phase, After Dark FilmWorks can provide editing, coloring, sound design and sound mixing with foley, music and ADR elements.
  • After Dark FilmWorks offers a full range of services at every step of a film, commercial, tv or web project, including preproduction, production, and postproduction phases. We offer; Writers** Producers** Directors **Cinematographers ** Editors **Photographers **Cartoon Animation and Graphic Designers
    We provide our clients with a total package of production services for
    • Web Series
    • Feature Films
    • TV and Web Pilots
    • Trailers/Reels
    • Commercials