Is It True a Picture is Worth A Thousand Words?

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It depends
Some pictures can show us the truths which, sometimes, are even impossible to explain by words, the two polar opposites a mother holding her new born child for the first time or a mother standing over the gravesite of her oldest child
But there’re also pictures and films that seems simple and meaningless without words to explain to us the stories behind them, or why was it even created you probably wouldn’t want to look at it twice until you were told the “behind the scene” story. LOL I would give a lot of examples but I’m quite sure you can come up with a few yourselves.

Being totally honest words are indispensable at times. Words can convey feelings at which pictures are not good at. There are so many times when it’s impossible to take picture that can convey a true experience and only by words can one share the experiences with one another. But coming back to the defense of pictures, when done right, convey ideas much more completely than words. Words can easily get tangled in a web of “this means that means this means that but only when that means this or this means that and it’s Tuesday after happy hour.”

To sum it up……..It depends.